Bed bugs have made a comeback in a huge way, and researchers are finally understanding some of the causes. Militerriers can help search out the little critters, but it’s important to understand why people in Southwest Ohio are having so many problems.

“During the past decade or so, the resurgence of [bed bugs] has been recorded across the globe including North America, Europe, Australia, and Eastern Asia with an estimated 100 percent to 500 percent annual increase in bed bug populations,” the researches continue.

The bed bug revival has been blamed on many factors, including frequent international travel, the increased exchange of used furniture, and the insect’s resistance to insecticides.

Hotels are far from immune from the bed bug invasion. The famed Waldorf-Astoria in New York recently faced a third bed bug lawsuit. Travelers are encouraged to check hotel rooms for the tiny, rust-colored insects in mattresses and cracks.

The bugs are extremely resilient, and can live for a year without feeding. Bites from the blood-sucking insects cause itching but do not transmit serious diseases.

via Why Bed Bugs Won’t Go Away – AOL Travel News.