Questions frequently asked:

Q: Are bed bug bites dangerous?

A: Although bed bugs won’t harm a person immediately, multiple bites can turn into rashes or skin irritations. Some people are allergic to bed bugs and will have a more serious reaction. The main effects of bed bug bites are mental rather than physical. Word of bed bug infestation can cause huge ordeals for public relations in businesses like nursing homes, hotels and hospitals.

Q: Where do bed bugs come from?

A: Bed bugs can come from a variety of places, but they most commonly come from contact with other infested items or places, such as borrowed/used clothing and furniture, or staying in a hotel or motel.

Q: Will a bed bug latch onto me and travel on my person back home?

A: Bed bugs are unlikely to travel directly on humans because we move too much and provide too few good hiding places. Bed bugs are more likely to travel in your bag or in any furniture that is moved from place to place.

Q: Are bed bugs attracted to residences or businesses that are less sanitary?

A: Bed bugs are attracted to the blood of humans (and to a lesser extent, animals) not clutter. However, bed bugs are sometimes able to hide more easily if there is more clutter to hide in.

Q: What do I do if I think I have bed bugs?

A: If you think you have bed bugs, do not attempt to look for all of them, as disrupting them will not help the situation. If one bed bug is found, freeze it or put it in a jar with rubbing alcohol, but stop there. Do not sleep elsewhere, as bed bugs may spread out to look for another meal.

Q: What do I do if I think the hotel/motel I was staying in was infested with bed bugs?

A: Be sure to launder all clothes in hot water and dry with high heat for about two (2) hours. Any and all items that were in the hotel room should be washed, wiped down, and left outside for as long as possible. Any items can be put in the freezer if they are unable to be laundered. Make sure that any items from the hotel are not unpacked on carpet without thorough washing.

Q: Are there any ways to prevent bed bugs?

A: Although there are no surefire ways of avoiding infestation, it is possible to lessen the likelihood of seeing a bed bug in your home if you follow these tips:

  • Bed bugs have less places to hide if your home has less carpet and soft furniture. A metal chair will not allow bed bugs to camp out for days the same way that a couch or plush chair will.
  • Additionally, seal off any areas where bed bugs might be hiding. For example, caulk up cracks and crevices (or vacuum them often), take care to replace peeling wall paper, and fill in any holes or places where bed bugs might be able to hide.
  • Do not pick up furniture off the side of the road or from someone that you do not know.
  • Use light-colored bedding when possible, as this will make blood spots and bugs easier to identify.
  • Keep luggage off of floors while traveling.

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